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学习的原因 布里奇沃特餐厅 ranks among the best in Massachusetts — from traditional dining halls to delivery robots. 遵循 Instagram上的@BSUFood 查看校园餐饮的定期更新.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) 现在在校园里可以买到吗. 在BSU»了解更多关于食品援助的信息


不要排队,节省时间! Now introducing Grubhub for all your campus dining! Download the app, order your favorites and take your food to-go. 你的饮食计划会同步到Grubhub上, so you can use Dining Dollars for tasty tacos at Quixote's, Naturals的清爽冰沙, 或者在唐恩都乐喝杯咖啡!

A student takes a bag of food and a soda out of a delivery robot in front of a dorm

Sodexo has teamed up with Starship Technologies to bring delivery robots to campus, and BSU is the first school in New England to roll them out!

学生可以下载星际飞船应用程序, where they will find all the information needed to use the service.


Look for the Bear Bites food truck at games and special events.

Two students with plates of food and pudding cups laughing in a booth at 熊穴

布里奇沃特餐厅 serves a plentiful array of dishes that are sure to please every palate and accommodate every lifestyle.

我们让选择美味变得很容易, nutritious and satisfying meals and snacks by highlighting well-balanced menu choices and providing nutritional information and tips to help you make choices right for you. Vegetarian and vegan meals are available at each dining location and our Resident Dining Halls host a daily Rustic Roots station with 100% plant-based meals.

限制饮食? Students  can enjoy Simple Zone: a station at our locations filled with snacks, bread and pre-packaged meals free of gluten and nuts. 东校区公共用地 houses an access required Simple Zone pantry with even more options and Simple Servings: an innovative station serving up delicious meals prepared without peanuts, 树坚果, 贝类, 小麦, 大豆, 牛奶, 鸡蛋, 面筋和芝麻.


We do our part to protect the environment by implementing a host of 可持续的做法. Our strategies include composting pre- and post-consumer food waste and providing recyclable single-use containers and recycling bins at our locations. 我们所服务 负责采购 来自东海岸水域的鱼和海鲜 新鲜,本地采购 原料来自新英格兰农场.





深红色的餐厅 & 学生休息室


夜猫子, 深红是校园的深夜节目, featuring Italian-American comfort food at Neapolitan, 汉堡店滋滋作响的小吃, Mexican fare at Sabroso and ice cream for dessert at 32 Degrees. Crimson’s 学生休息室 is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends, 玩一些游戏或做一些小组项目.

接受: Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, cash, credit cards and Apple Pay.


A finger points to a bakery item in a display, with the Starbucks logo in the background



我们自豪地为星巴克服务. 麦克斯韦的咖啡馆 uses only high-quality, whole-bean coffees for rich, fresh-brewed espresso beverages. Also offering premium Teavana teas, Frappuccino Blended Beverages, and Refreshers! 要来一口吗?? 享受我们的简易三明治吧, 冻糕, 沙拉, 还有更多(都是在我们自己的厨房里做的).

接受: Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, cash, credit cards and Apple Pay.





东校区公共用地, 又名ECC, is your traditional All-You-Care-to-Eat Community Dining Hall on East Campus. Menu selections include freshly prepared complete meals and many items grilled to order. ECC also has your go-to favorites like pizza, made-to-order deli sandwiches, and a robust salad bar. Don't forget a little indulgence at Baker's Table dessert and pastry case featuring baked goods made in-house by our bakers.

寻找一些植物性的东西? ECC is proud to present Rustic Roots; a fully plant-based station featuring hot entrees and 沙拉 prepared without animal products. ECC也是Simple services的所在地, with hot entrees free of eight of the top nine allergens as dictated by the FDA and a Simple Zone pantry. The latest addition to the location is our UCOOK station, 给你成为厨师的机会!

接受: Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, cash, credit cards and Apple Pay.


A hand holds a cup Dunkin iced coffee while the other adjusts the straw

Dunkin '

Located at 东校区公共用地, Dunkin ' will keep you running strong! Stop in for crafted cold coffees, signature lattes and indulgent sweet treats.

接受: Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, cash, credit cards and Apple Pay.


Two students smiling at a table in 富林餐厅



富林餐厅 is our All-You-Care-to-Eat location on the west side of campus. Flynn offers tastes from around the world at the international station, 在熟食店定制三明治, 以植物为主的菜肴, 还有你的主食汉堡和披萨. 想吃甜点? Grab a cone and pick your favorite flavor to finish off your meal.

接受: Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, cash, credit cards and Apple Pay.





熊穴 is your food court-style dining hall on West Campus. Breakfast features made-to-order favorites at Park Avenue Diner. 午餐拥有新鲜的沙拉在农民的田地, Hissho Sushi的招牌戳碗, 在吉诃德餐厅吃德式墨西哥菜. Bear's Den is also home to the campus' favorite pasta toss station, Semolina's! Or head to Natural for fresh fruit juice and healthy snacks!

接受: Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, Meal Swipes, cash, credit cards and Apple Pay. The Bears-to-Go section of the Bear's Den now accepts SNAP as a payment option.


Students ordering dinner at the Bear Bites food truck


Sink your teeth into made-to-order favorites and new, exciting dishes! Bear Bites is here with over 25 rotating menu items and flavors designed by Campus Executive Chef Joe Pina.


接受: 用餐美元,灵活美元和信用卡.





感觉灰熊? The Bear Trap is your one-stop-shop to fuel your workout routine or grab some game-time goodies. This concessions-style location features made-to-order smoothies and snacks.

接受: Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, cash, credit cards and Apple Pay.