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Giving Voice To A Dream

First-year student to sing with Boston Symphony and Pops orchestras

杰克 Shilo, ’27, discovered his passion for singing as a young child. Now a college freshman, 杰克 is about to achieve a goal he’s held for almost as long: performing regularly with the Boston Pops and Boston Symphony Orchestra. 

杰克 was recently accepted into the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, a group of approximately 200 highly talented singers that accompanies the orchestras.

“It feels so surreal,” said 杰克, a 布里奇沃特 State University 音乐 education major from Salem. “It’s been a dream of mine for 10-plus years. To have accomplished this before I’m even 20 is a great feeling. I can only go up from here.” 

When 杰克 performs with the chorus for the first time this spring, he’ll be among the youngest 音乐ians on the Symphony Hall stage. But he’s ready for the spotlight thanks to years of practice and lessons this semester with part-time 音乐 faculty member 阿尔伯特·克雷格.

“This is such a unique opportunity for him and a great opportunity for a young singer to be able to participate in such a world-renowned chorus,克雷格说. 

杰克 brings a rich deep voice, the understanding of 音乐al phrasing and dynamics, and the willingness to continually improve, 克雷格说.

杰克, who sang from Handel’s 弥赛亚 和布拉姆斯 安魂曲 for his Tanglewood audition, worked with Craig on the pieces.

“He has been extremely helpful in preparing for my audition,” 杰克 said. “I’ve improved dramatically from my first day. It’s really thanks to him and the insight he provided.”

杰克 draws 音乐al inspiration from his mom, who teaches healthcare studies at Salem State University and used to perform in church choirs.

“My mom lost her singing voice because of a stroke,” 杰克 said. “That pushed me to continue to sing and pursue the highest level (of performing) so I can sing for my mom.”

杰克, who came to 布里奇沃特 because of its strong education program and opportunities to conduct research as an undergraduate, is already highly involved on campus. He performed in the theatrical production of 吸血鬼 and participates in the chorale, chess club, WBIM radio station and the sign language club.

布里奇沃特, 他说, is the perfect school to help him achieve his goals of teaching high school 音乐 and, 最终, following in his mom’s footsteps by becoming a professor.

“The 音乐 instruction is fantastic,” 他说 of BSU. “There really is no better place for me to be going to school.”

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