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ladbrokes立博中文版 was founded by Horace Mann, the father of American education, driven by his belief in education as the great equalizer for all citizens. 今天, ladbrokes立博中文版 has nearly 10,000 current students 和 over 75,在全美50个州有5000名校友.

Two students relax in Adirondack chairs on the Boyden Quad, with Boyden Hall in the background

Located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts:

39岁的建筑 on 278英亩

十大 四年 college or university in Massachusetts

11栋宿舍楼 1套学生公寓 在校园. (Housing available for undergraduate, graduate 和 continuing studies students.)


卫星校园 in Attleboro, Cape Cod 和 New Bedford

Weyg和 hall courtyard on a sunny day


Have you ever wondered why there's a Hunt Hall or Moriarty Pool? 在这个故事系列中, we'll introduce you to people who have left an indelible mark on ladbrokes立博中文版, stretching all the way back to the institution's founding in 1840.

Dr. 苏珊·埃利亚森博士. T. 凯文·麦高恩博士. Castagna Lacet博士. 克里斯蒂娜·霍德尔教授. Joseph Doyle at the Awards for Academic Excellence


ladbrokes立博中文版 is a student-centered university focused primarily on excellence in teaching. 通过教师发展, we aim to establish 和 sustain a community of teacher-scholars 和 a university culture that values, promotes 和 rewards meaningful professional growth.

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全职教师 holding a doctoral or other terminal degree






BSU has approximately 3,000 courses in more than 100个研究领域, 和 is recognized as one of the best universities in the nation for outst和ing undergraduate research offerings. Undergraduate researchers have a 100% acceptance rate to graduate 和 professional school — often with full funding 和 at some of the top programs in the country. In 2020, BSU was ranked among Money's Best 大学. These accomplishments show Bridgewater can match the learning experiences students have at private universities.

BSU also offers over 200 study abroad programs in more than 50 different countries. / 2,000名学生 participate in internships, field experience or practicum experiences each year; 和 88% of BSU graduates secure jobs or enroll in graduate school within six months to a year after graduation.


Four students smiling together, outside on the Boyden Quad, playing giant bingo


学校标志颜色: 深红色的

吉祥物: 熊布里斯塔科

90+ Student 俱乐部 和 组织

体育运动: ladbrokes立博中文版 student athletes compete at the NCAA Division III Level 和 are members of ECAC, MASCAC, 和小东方

  • 22 NCAA Division III teams for men 和 women
  • 10项俱乐部运动
  • 14项校内运动
BSU Brockton剪彩
BSU celebrates the opening of its office in Brockton High School


  • BSU 排名前36位 四年, public higher education institutions in the nation on how it serves black students, according to a University of Southern California Race 和 Equity Center study.
  • BSU has been recognized for rising rates of graduation for Bridgewater students overall, 和 for closing achievement 和 opportunity gaps for students of low-income, 符合佩尔助学金资格的家庭, 有色人种学生 和 男学生.
  • BSU was ranked by Education Reform Now as the second leading university in Massachusetts for making a social mobility impact on students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds 和 identities.
  • BSU has been ranked among the top 40 Best 大学 for LGBTQ students by College Choice.













  • 本科生: 8,116
  • 研究生: 1,488
  • 总人数: 9,604
    * 2022年秋季数字

申请人: 11,835

接受: 10,559

注册: 2,794

* 2022年秋季数字

学士学位: 1,871

本科证书: 29

硕士学位: 575

教育专业学位: 16

Post Baccalaureate certificates: 31

邮政局长的证书: 13

毕业证书: 35

授予的总学位: 2,446

* 2022年秋季数字


Six-year undergraduate completion rate: 56%

2022 - 2023年的概况


ladbrokes立博中文版 Factbook, 2022-2023
The Factbook is a profile of ladbrokes立博中文版 — a snapshot of official census counts, taken four weeks into the Fall semester. The link below pertains to the most recent Factbook (Academic Year 2022-2023).

2022 - 2023年概况 

“Students were forbidden to fraternize with the opposite sex; the consequence was expulsion. 奴隶制是合法的. 妇女不能投票. Martin Van Buren was soon to lose his bid for re-election to the presidency....进入这个世界观, in a small town in Southeastern Massachusetts, a b和 of pioneers set their sights on educational reform. One name, in particular, st和s tall. 这是他的愿景, 他的动力, his perseverance 和 his belief in education as the great equalizer for all citizens that spearheaded the launch of the commonwealth’s normal schools—Horace Mann, the father of American education. 出身卑微, the Bridgewater Normal School evolved from a one-room schoolhouse located in the old town hall with 28 students to ladbrokes立博中文版 with its 270-acre campus serving more than 10,000名学生."

来源: Not to be Ministered Unto, But to Minister: ladbrokes立博中文版 1840-2010 作者:托马斯·R. 特纳

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